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About MUTA

About MUTA

MUTA is a tax-exempt, non-profit, non-partisan charitable organization representing the collective interest of the Tiv people of Nigeria resident in the United States of America and Canada. The organization was incorporated in the United States since 1993. We are committed to promoting the Tiv culture in the United States of America and Canada, and supporting Tiv communities and others both in Nigeria and around the world in education, healthcare, agriculture, and disaster relief

We are a nonsectarian, humanitarian, membership-supported service charitable organization whose primary objectives are to:

1.   Provide social, recreational, and cultural education to individuals in the field of employment opportunities, education, health welfare and housing to enable these individuals to become assimilated into the mainstream society.

2.   Create a home-away-from-home for newly arriving immigrants or students from Africa and else where.

3.    Raise funds for educational scholarships for the disadvantaged.

4.   Help build a civil society in Tivland (Nigeria) by promoting voluntary, cooperative initiatives through technical assistance in agriculture, water resources, healthcare delivery systems and rehabilitation, small business development, and self-sufficiency.

5.  Distribute to victims, in times of disaster, donated food, clothing, medical supplies and equipment, agricultural seeds and textbooks worldwide without regard to race, nationality, creed, or political affiliation.


6.   Organize and implement a health fair in Nigeria annually

7.   Work toward a strengthening of social, cultural, economic and scientific ties between the Tiv people of Nigeria and the people of the United States of America and Canada by promoting the exchange of cultural, scientific, and technology-based innovations for the well-being of all.


Corporate Headquarters:

135 Strandhill Road

Atlanta, GA 30290


Phone: 1 (678) 764-8549

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